I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that ELIZABETH has a new furever home.
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Meet the delightful Elizabeth! This 4 month old joyful pup has a heart that's as big as her playful spirit. Weighing in at a petite 22 lbs, Elizabeth is the epitome of puppy love; she'll follow you around with all the loyalty of a duckling and will snuggle up close whenever you're in need of some warmth.

Elizabeth's sociability knows no bounds; she adores both her canine companions and human kiddos alike. Still mastering the art of leash-walking and navigating the doggy door, she's making swift progress, even if she does have the occasional accident. But rest assured, when night falls, Elizabeth finds comfort in her crate, dreaming of all the adventures tomorrow will bring. Just be sure to not keep her crated for too long during the day, as her tender heart yearns for companionship and exploration.

Why welcome Elizabeth into your home? Beyond her radiant happiness and boundless affection, she's a curious little explorer with moderate energy, perfect for those playful afternoons in the garden. While she might be a tad reserved initially, give her a moment and she'll be bounding into your arms, eager for playtime. If you're seeking a loving, loyal, and lively furry friend, Elizabeth is ready to leap into your life and heart. Adopt this cuddle bug and experience boundless joy and affection!

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