I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Amelia has a new furever home.
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AMELIA!  Amelia is 4-5 months old, and weighing about 25 pounds.  She looks a bit like a husky mix, but her color is unusual so that may not be accurate.
Amelia is one happy dog!  She LOVES her people and comes every single time I call. Pets are what she lives for!  She's of medium energy, so is good for active families and would love to go out on adventures with you. She's super good on a leash because she just wants to follow you around. Did I mention she LOVES everyone?!  She's great with my own dogs, and is happy to play, but she'd rather play with you.  :D. I don't think she would be good with cats unless you are experienced with training a young dog to leave them alone.  She's not aggressive, just doesn't realize that not everyone appreciates her play style!
Amelia is working on housebreaking and is doing very well, with the occasional accident. She'll need continued training.  She sleeps thru the night in a crate in my bedroom, I don't think she'd do well if you tried to put her in a different room, she's a bit insecure about being alone.  We are working on crate training during the day, and when you leave, but she's not terribly destructive. She will get into food, if you're not watching, and she'll climb over any pet gate, so a crate or covered pen will be necessary to contain this adventurous girl! 
If you have a backyard, you'll need a fence taller than four feet.  So far she hasn't gotten out, but we do want her to be safe since she is a climber. 
So, she's a puppy and she needs some training, but she is so affectionate and happy, she is well worth the puppyhood.  Come meet her! all you have to do is fill out the application and we'll be in touch!

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